“Head over Heels is quite brilliant”


“Head over Heels has an addictiveness and a compulsive quality never found in any other game”


“A great game from head to toe”



In summer 2001 I decided to achieve the goal of programming a remake of Head over Heels. The first stage arrived two years later, when I published a beta version of it. That experience was a really extraordinary one; above all, because of all the support I received from so many people that, in one way or another, collaborated to make possible that the project saw finally the light. Although the game credits are a good proof of it, I would specifically mention in these pages the participation, as the graphic designer, of Davit Masiá. Without his work, I could never complete my own one.

Unfortunately, I couldn't develop that beta into an stable version because, for almost three years, I went through personal circumstances I prefer to forget. However, once I was able to recover my free time and feeling, as I felt, that I had a thorn in my side for not having finished the «remake», I decided to return to the project. Ignacio Pérez Gil had released the 0.3 version of his isometric engine Isomot, and I took it as the basis from which I reconsidered the work. In 2007, with most of the code already finished, I decided to reopen the forum.

These last two years have been ones of hard work, but a very gratifying one for the same reason the first part was: the unconditional support from several persons that have always paid attention to the evolution of the game. I'd like to thank, from my heart, to Santiago Acha, Xavi Colomé, Paco Santoyo and Hendrik Bezuidenhout their support and the good moments they have given me.

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